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I am Doctor S.Ashokan living in a small town called TIRUKALUKUNDRAM near to Chennai, capital city of state of Tamilnadu in India. My wife Dr.Pushpanjali and I are registered Medical Practitioners and we run a small clinic in Tirukalukundram... We were blessed with two lovely sons, the elder A.P.Hithendran and second son A.P Lakshman.
Our elder son A.P. Hithendran who was 15 yrs had great interest in riding motor bikes. We never encouraged him to ride the bike as he was only 15 yrs old but on 20th of September he took my bike without my knowledge and my wife’s advice to at least wear the helmet and ride, he refused to wear the helmet as it was too big, that was the last time my wife saw him alive, he met with an accident while coming back home and the following is the incident.

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The accident took place very near to our house on the State Highway 58. My Son was lying unconscious at the site of accident for nearly 20 minutes and the passers by stole his cell phone and silver chain and later on some people have tried to pour water in to his mouth, one of my patient who happened to pass that way identified my bike and he informed my wife , she was the one who went to the spot and bought my son to our residence and I was actually tired that day sleeping , they woke me up and I was shocked to see my son that way , he was deeply unconscious and sluggishly responding to very painful stimuli, his pulse was feeble and rapid, the ambulance arrived and we attempted CPR and his pulse and heart rate became normal, but still he was unconscious, first we took him to Chengalpattu Medical College Hospital where they started a iv line and referred the case to Chennai.I wished we were not doctors, because as a doctor I lost
My hope when he developed sever decerebrate rigidity and vomiting while coming near Vandaloor a place near to chennai. The CT was taken and the doctors gave one percent chance of survival if a craniotomy was done and as doctors we lost all our hopes that our son was almost brain dead and immediately I told my relatives who are doctors at Apollo that Hithu is not with us and I am ready for a organ donation, they just pacified me and a craniotomy was done and he never improved, he was just alive in the ICU with life supporting systems. Doctors told me that they could not administer drugs to bring down the ICT as his BP was erratic.As we were only family physicians , We did not know what was being done, but one thing we knew that our son was brain dead, for 48 Hrs we waited to give his organs, my ex professor of neurology finally told me that our son as been certified as brain dead .Some of our relatives did not agree for the donation, but my wife and I had to convince them that we have seen many cases like our hithu who have died after several days without any improvement.

So his organs were donated on 23rd of Sep 2008. As you all know his heart was given to Abhirami of Bangalore who was suffering from idiopathic cardio myopathy and she was in her last days as the stem cell therapy failed. His liver was given to a Lady from kerala our neighboring state. The kidneys were giving to two people in Chennai city and the eyes were given to Shankar netralaya a specialty eye hospital. Abhirami's parents Shri. Shekhar and her mother Smt Manjula, said they look upon Hitendran as God in human form, who had come to save their daughter’s life. The couple based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, announced their intention to form a charitable society in memory of Hitendran to help the needy. They have a photo of Hitendran in their pooja room and worship him. On October 2, the asthi (ashes) of Hitendran were immersed at the confluence of three seas in Kanyakumari. A large number of people led by Ms. B. Jothi Nirmala the district collector offered floral tributes.

Hitendran’s story continues to inspire many. A widespread public appreciation of the organ donation of Hitendran in the media led to many coming forward to sign pledges of organ donation. The Council of the Major Panchayat of Thirukalukumdram, his home town in Chengalpattu district, has announced that a street in the town will be named after Hitendran. The Council would also renovate a park near his house and name it after him. Several presspersons who attended a condolence meeting in Chennai Press Club resolved to donate their organs. Off late our Deputy Chief Minister Dr. M.K. Stalin and his wife Mrs. Durgadevi pledged their organs in a meeting in private hospital in chennai. Several towns in Tamilnadu and Puducherry arranged solemn public meetings to appreciate the organ donation.

Hitendran has taught us much, and has introduced us to the power that we have to prolong someone else’s life by donating our organs. Hence we started a trust in memory of A.P.HITHENDRAN. and called it as A.P.HITHENDRAN MEMORIAL TRUST for spreading the message of multi organ donation and road safety awareness

You all know how it is like to loose a son at the age of 15 when you have so many dreams about our Children. All our efforts to bring him up as a good citizen of this country and to serve the society like us was shattered. My wife and myself as doctors realized the agony of so many parents in this country who loose their children at the young age. We still are so depressed and our mind is so pre occupied with memories of our beloved son, we don’t wish to live in this world, but as doctors we had to for the sake of our second son.

On the 25th of Sep 2008, our beloved Chief Minister of Tamilnadu sent Thiru. M.K. STALIN, the Local Administrative Minister, Labour Welfare Minister Thiru. T.M. ANBARASAN and Health Minister Thiuru. M.R.K. PANNERSELVAM to convey the condolences, then he gave a press statement appreciating our noble gesture. And the importance of organ donation and how it will help the others who are in their last days of life. Almost all the news papers especially the Tamil Daily Dinakaran which featured full page news about the incident reached all most every nook and corner of Tamilnadu.Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss then Health Minister and Thiru. G.K. Vasan Central Minister came to our residence to convey their condolences. With in one week about more than 1000 letter poured in to us appreciating our gesture and same time people were asking doubts about brain death and Multi-organ donation. So in memory of our son we started a trust to work for bringing about awareness on brain death, organ donation, and road safety. We called it “A.P.HITHENDRAN MEMORIAL TRUST”.
G.K. Vasan
For the past seven months I have traveled to, Tirunelveli, Erode, Pudukkottai, Trichy, Pondicherry, Sankarankovil, Papanasam, Chennai, Vellore, Bangalore Tamil Sangam, Ambasamudaram. Kalpakkam, Tiruvelore and many more places totally 55 destinations to participate in gatherings to spread the message of Brain death and multiorgan donation and importance of wearing helmet while riding two wheelers. At erode a big rally was arranged on organ donation awareness and 17000 students participated from various Colleges and Schools, where I gave a useful speech on brain death and organ donation, the children were very receptive and after the meeting around 6000 students pledged their eyes. In all these places we participated in public gathering, schools, colleges and institution to spread the message of organ donation and truth about brain death. As we lost our son in a road accident while he was riding a motor bike with out a helmet, we also stressed the importance of wearing a helmet and strictly adhering to the traffic rules.



I take this opportunity to thank all the doctors who transplanted our sons organs to the six needy individuals, and we thank all the recipients for taking care of our sons organs with great care, We live in this world till our death with the thought that our son is not dead but he is living in some body else body and helping them to live their life fully and happily.

Our son’s incident coincided with the passing of most wanted Tamilnadu Government orders on organ transplantation and made it mandatory for all the four Government medical college hospitals in Chennai city to certify brain death and motivate the relatives of the patient for organ donation. We have come out with an organ donor card from our trust which we are distributing to general public and students. We will work in all ways for the HITHENDRAN’S EFFECT TO SHINE AND STAY IN MINDS OF EVERYBODY IN THE YEARS TO COME... In future we will be happy to work with the Government of Tamilnadu and to help all the organizations like ZCCK, MOHAN FOUNDATION, NNOS, GOVERNMENT HOSPITALS, and other MULTI SPECIALITY HOSPITAL who have taken cadaver organ transplant in a big way.
Dr. Pushpangali with Chief Minister Mr. Karunanithi
Dr. Pushpanjali
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